Central Florida Maternity and Newborn Photographer


What are the best ages to get my baby photographed and why?
Your newborn is best photographed at 4-8 days of age. They sleep heavily at this age, so it makes for a very restful, relaxing session. Also, they are very flexible, so we can get those sweet, folded newborn photos that everyone wants! Please book your newborn sessions at least 4 weeks in advance, even if the date is approximate. We always leave some “wiggle room” in our schedule for newborn sessions. As long as you keep us posted when you go into labor (have Dad call us!), you can rest assured that we will fit you in within  that 4-8 day range. The next best age for baby photography is between 6-9 months.  Babies are happy, expressive and….CHUBBY!! This is a great age for getting sweet faces and cute little rolls! Soon after this, your baby will start looking like a toddler, so it is so important to capture this precious stage. And finally, the ONE YEAR OLD: That first year passes by SO quickly! At this age, they are all over the place, on the go, and full of personality!

What should we wear?
It is extremely important for all members of the family to dress in matching tones. All dark tones, all bright colors, all whites. This will ensure consistency throughout your photo, which is something we can all be happy about! We discourage stripes, plaids and bold logos as they can be distracting. We prefer the focus to be on the beautiful faces of your children 🙂 Also, think about the decor of your home when planning your portrait session. If your home is mostly dark woods and earth tones, you will want to dress accordingly so that your wall portraits match and enhance your decor. On the other hand, if your look is very light, clean and contemporary, light may be the way to go! All of these details will be discussed in your Pre-Portrait Consultation.

What happens after my session?
About a week after your session, you will return to the studio for a  Portrait Selection Appointment . During this appointment, you will meet with our Design Consultant to view your images and choose what will look best in your home.  In preparation for this appointment, measure the walls where you are thinking about hanging your portraits. If you can bring a photo of those areas, that helps too.  If you plan on purchasing small prints as gifts for friends and family members, bring a list of those people so that nobody gets forgotten in all the excitement!  Please have all decision-makers present for this appointment. Also, we recommend that small children not be present , so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your images.

Do you sell your images on a CD?
We like to manage the quality of  our images from start to finish, and that includes printing.  We use one of the best labs in the country so you can be sure that your wall portraits will last for generations. After your Portrait Selection Appointment, you will be provided with all of the images that you purchased prints of, for websharing. These are sized appropriately for the internet,  and stamped with our company logo, so all you need to do is upload and go!

Do you have some questions that should be on this page? No problem! E-mail them to us!

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